VNC mit User und Passwort

VNC Shortcut with Hidden Credentials
Authored by: RichB on Sep 28, ’10 11:27:19PM

There is also the built-in Finder capability to create a “VNC Internet Location” file with an extension of “.vncloc” similar to a “Web Location” file storing afp, smb or http credentials in a “.webloc” file. This is cool. I just learned it is possible the same way an afp or smb shortcut can be made with credentials embedded:

  • Create the desired connection text in Text Edit or wherever, for example, “vnc://username:password@ipaddressordomain”.
  • Select the entire text (without quotes) “vnc://username:password@ipaddressordomain”. This is similar to what I’ve done for years with afp server connections like this: “afp://username:password@ipaddressordomain”.
  • Click and drag the text selection
  • Drag it to the desktop or any Finder window and a new file is created
  • The name of the file created will be the same as the selected text followed by the extension, for example, “vnc://username:password@ipaddressordomain.vncloc” (the extension is normally hidden)
  • Change the file name to whatever is desired, for example, “Mac Mini Screen Sharing.vncloc” (don’t change the extension if visible)
  • The contents of the small file are not easily accessible so could be safely copied to other computers or sent as an email attachment to other Mac users, for example a spouse, as an easy shortcut to just double-click to start the screen sharing.

Authored by: RichB on Sep 28, ’10 11:27:19PM

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